Aside from purchasing out of our product catalog, a customer can approach us with a need or a wish for a product, and start the custom design process.


    After understanding the theme and purpose, we bring it to the paper, sketch and "play" with the design,​ carefully plan the details and finally create a product that originally came from the customer's idea.


    We can be part of one or more of the stages:

    -providing support for your own design.

    -architectural planning of structures and buildings, planning furniture and other products.

    -manufacture according to given plans.


    An ever lasting, interesting and practical design makes people happy every day.

    Design can be derived from a need and can be determined by the restrictions of the materials and tools that are being used in the process of production, but always collaborating with the flow of nature and the spirit of the wood.


    A product is an important part of the creation, and here at KODAMA we provide the service of skillfully creating a detailed technical plan for your product.

    From a chair to a house, after the design has been determined and sketched, we plan the details and choose the right materials to have the strength to endure the forces being implemented on the product.

    Every bolt is being carefully picked to ensure a safe use and long practical life.


    A process that we cherish, it goes without saying that paying attention and care to the details is a top value in the process of creation.

    After the design has been determined and the plans have been concluded, the last stage is to carefully carry out the plan that we detailed or received from our customers.

    With over 15 years of practical experience in the wood and metal industries we have gained the reputation of skilled and precised craftsmen.

    With a lot of passion to the craft and materials being used in the art of creating we ensure to produce a high-end, one of a kind creation.

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    Feel free to send us a message and we will contact you!