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    Blacksmithing and woodworking

    What is Kodama?

    Okayama prefecture, Japan

    Kodama– the spirit of the wood – produces household and decorative items, furniture for home and office and centerpieces for halls and reception areas.

    Combining traditional and modern blacksmithing and woodworking techniques, and occasionally using glass and stone.

    From the design and plan to the creation, Lifa’s work is inspired by nature, creating clean, contemporary and sustainable designs.


    Israeli living in Japan

    I was born in the winter of 1983 in Haifa, Israel. My mother – a lecturer and curator of fine art, my father – an owner of a metal fabrication factory and a metalworker. I played around machines, tools and art.

    I started experimenting with wood as a raw material at a young age, discovering its beauty and diversity, and with time started to produce large pieces of furniture and various household items combining wood and metal.

    Working full time at his father’s workshop allowed myself to learn and experience metal fabrication techniques, some of which I applies in my work. I would later go on to study architecture and interior design.

    While traveling in the north of India I met Akiko, We settled in Israel and started a family, moving in 2015 to the village of Nishiawakura in rural Japan.


    Surrounded by mountains, forests, and streams, it is the perfect environment for arts and crafts not only for its ambiance, but also for its locally sourced raw materials.

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